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Svaneti Trekking Tour

Svaneti Trekking Tour


Feel the Caucasus 

Day 1: Arrive in Tbilisi

Day 2: Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kutaisi

Old city walking tour and later visit Unesco heritage sites in old capital such as Svetitskhoveli and Jvari. Later in the evening arrive in second biggest city Kutaisi.

Day 3: Kutaisi - Gelati - Becho

Gelati complex in another Unesco site which contains several churches, gate, seminary and unique mosaic from renessaince era. Afternoon we start heading towards Svaneti region rich of stunning mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and overnight in local family. 

Day 4: Becho - Etseri - Becho

Our walk starts in village Etseri towards the Mazeri pass. From the top we see Ushba and Laila mountains, Guli pass and different snowy peaks. Later start walking downhill in the forest before getting our host's family. 

1000m (up/down) , Distance 17km, Duration 9 hours

Day 5: Becho - Ushba waterfalls - Mestia

Pleasure walk towards the waterfalls and Ushba glacier. Depending on your abilties we can reach different points. 

Waterfall - 600m (up/down) Duration 5 hours ; Glacier - 1000m (up/down) Duration 7.5 hours

Day 6: Mestia - Mulakhi - Mestia 

We drive to the village Mulakhi and start walking towards Mestia. We will pass traditional villages and have magnificent views.

500m (up/down) Duration 5 hours

Day 7: Mestia - Adishi

Today's destination is remote village Adishi with few habitants only. We will witness slopes of Great Caucasus from different angle. 

700m up and 400m down,  Duration 6 hours

Day 8: Adishi - Iprari

On the of the exciting day in terms of crossing river by horses, then walk over the pass and arrive another remote village Iprari.

600m up and 800m down . Duration 8 hours

Day 9: Iprari - Lamaria church - Ushguli 

Today we arrive in Unesco heritage village Ushguli, visit medieval church and have some free time. 

200m up and 400m down, Duration 4 hours

Day 10: Ushguli - Shkhara - Mestia 

Walk towards highest mountain Shkhara 5068m and starting point of river Enguri. Afternoon return to town Mestia , overnight in family hotel.

300m (up/down), Duration 6 hours, Distance 18km

Day 11: Mestia - Enguri Dam - Prometheus caves - Kutaisi

On the way back we make stops on Enguri Dam and later cave complex. Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 12: Kutaisi - Uplistiskhe - Gori - Tbilisi

Driving back to capital without Stalin's hometown and ancient Uplistikhe rock hewn complex is almost impossible. We will pass the route of Silk Road which caused prosperity of particular area.  

Day 13: Tbilisi mountain walk 

Our capital's landscape gives chance of short but beautiful walk over the mtatsminda mountain. We start from turtle lake and finish in amusement park, this will last for 2 hours. Free afternoon in Tbilisi. 

Day 14: Departure from Tbilisi